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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  July 11, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good morning. it's monday. this is your wakeup call. joining us live from new york. let's talk about it. at 11:00 eastern the president will update you, me, and the rest of the nation on the debt ceiling talks. here's the debt clock, by the way. the national debt clock has numbers that would baffle einstein, it's on two lines. the regular clock, by the way, keeps ticking toward the august 27bd default date.
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the president has given lawmakers nine more days to make a deal because they need time to get the legislation together to make it work. here's what the treasury secretary hat to sd to say abou. >> there's no credible argument, no responsible leader would say the united states of america for the first time in its history should not pay its bills and meet its obligations. that would be catastrophic for the economy. everybody understands that. there's a lot of political theater in this business. >> the government, by the way, has already maxed out it borrowing at $14.3 trillion. here's another story. an explosion at a naval base in cyprus. it's left at least 12 soldiers dead and 30 injuries. the blast was so powerful it knocked out power for one thid of the island. it started within a cargo ship loaded with ammunition caught fire. space as we know it is the final frontier and a little bit messy.
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nasa believes a bit of chunk debris could get close to the spate shuttle this week. the debris is part of an old satellite. you might remember a couple of weeks ago they had to take shelter in two space capsules because of a close call with space junk. britain's "news of the world" tabloid, it's ka put, done, thank you and good-bye, after it was brought down by a phone-hacking scandal, but the story goes on. the deputy minister will meet with the family of millie dow ler. she was the teen girl who was murdered. people working for the paper allegedly hacked her voice mail after she disappears. de-leath the messages after listening to them, giving mill let's family and friends impressions that she was still alive. they were very upset with the paper's self-congratulatory final issue. here's what the editor had to say on the last day.
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>> it's a really difficult day. it was a wonderful newspaper. >> now, there are ak sayings that the newspaper also bribed police officers and hacked the phone messages of terrorist victims. the ntsb says lit take a long time to explore the plane wreckage. a couple and five of their children were killed. the father apparently got within two miles of a runway. >> if and when you're on facebook, do not click on a link that promises leaked video of casey anthony confessing to a lawyer. it is a scam. some folks are trying to use the fascination with the case to weasel their way into facebook users' networks. also that jerry springer offered the family a million to be on their show. they never made an offer, they
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never will. the u.s. is holding aid to pakistan. they're with holding it, expelling military trainers and they hope holidaying back all that money will make pakistan crack down harder on militants and terrorists. what's the best way to describe the relationship with pakistan right now? >> they've been an important ally in the fight on terrorism, they've been the victim of enormous amounts of terrorism, but right now they have taken steps that have given us reason to pause on aid which we have give on the their military and we're trying to work through that. it's a complicated relationship in a difficult part of the world. and here's a figure for you. $37 billion. according to them, that much money could vanish this year from pockets. two out of ten dollars americans took in came in the form of money from government and when those extended benefits go away by the end of the year, some $37
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billion onto go into people's accounts and hence won't go into the economy. let e let's go to kristie lu stout for your morning hit from hong kong. christy good morning. >> good morning, ali. >> it begins after hours markets close here this evening. are you getting any reaction to that already on asian markets. >> well, this is what we're looking at in european markets so fafrmt european markets have been down. fears about the debt crisis haven't been helping either. to answer your question, in asia, it's been pretty downbeat. we've seen a hefty selloff across much of the region. that, is again, reaction to what happened last week, that dismal u.s. jobs report. also on top of that, another inflation rise in china. despite beijing's continued efforts to pull rise prices and inflation in china soars to a three-year high in eun.
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now, banking stocks that sold, the crisis could spread to italy. in japan the striking yen is losing exporters. meanwhile in sid in the main aussie benchmark shed a percentage as the carbon plan. >> you mentioned more european debt. what's going on in italy? yeah. well top eu officials are set to meet later today in brussels. of course, they're going to discuss greece and the second aid package to greece. but there's also speculation that italy will be a topic of discussion. there are growing worrying that the italian economy, which is far larger than the three combined may be putted into the debt crisis as well. the index dropped 3.5% on fearses about the overall situation in italy. but a european council spokesman denies that today's event is a
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crisis meeting. ali. >> we'll keep a close eye on this. this is a problem that seems to not go away. kristie lu stout in hong kong. we'll check with you later in the show. thank you so much, chriskristie. they celebrate the surpassing of their 2010 revenue goechlt cake wasn't enough for them. they blew up their sales vp's car. he wasn't in it by the way. the car, in case you can still make it out is a 1995 teal mitsubishi mirage which some say it looks better after they blew it up than it did beforehand. employees say it was a morral boost. you live in hong kong. i live in new york. you can't blow things up. too much stuff around. >> that's the ultimate team-bonding experience. if you can blow something up, you know, your boss's car, your
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producers car, he drives a prius here in hong kong, i mean that's ooh real morale boost. >> kristie from hong kong. let's go to reynolds wolf with the weather. do we have any flight delays? >> it is roasting out there in parts of the nation. we'll be talking about that. delays as you mentioned, we're going to have plenty of those especially in chicago and detroit. the big culprit. thunderstorms. major delays possibly other an hour. flight delays. that is not flight congestion. that is flight constipation. that is horrible. backups in miami and tampa. meanwhile, again, the heat will continue through much of the nation's midsection all the way up in parts of the central
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plains, northern plains. scattered storms across the four corners after it gives a few delays in parts of the southeast as well. ali, let's pitch it right back to you. >> reynolds, thank you so much. good to see you. i want to bring you up to speed on the movie "transformers." "transformers" continues to crush the box office competition. see how it stacks up against its competition when we come back. couldn't resist making this the quote of the day. guess who said this, quote, didn't resist arrest. i'm in a neck brace. how am i going to resist arrest? i'll tell you right after the break. ♪
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13 minutes after the hour. pacman jones coming through with
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today's quote of the day. police in cincinnati arrests jones in bar on sunday morning. they say he was screaming profanities, then resisted arrest. reporters caught up with jones after he was released from jail. >> they say you resisted arrest. >> i didn't resist arrest. i'm in a neck brace. how am i going to resist arrest? a student at the university of south alabama reportedly admits to killing a man inside a dorm room. he was arrested early yesterday after placing a frantic call to campus police. when officers got to the delta 6 storm they say they found a man stabbed to death. the victim is not a student at the university but police say he knew the suspect. kidnapping victim jaycee dugard said she did what she had to do to survive during her 18 years of captivity. she was snatched in 1981 by a sex offender.
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phillip garrido and his wife hid her and her daughters in a shed until 2009. now at the age of 31 jaycee is opening up about how she got by. >> time is hard to judge but there's a switch to shut off. >> you went someplace else. >> went someplace e else. imagine this minus the gigantic flames. does it look familiar? it's from the twilight movies. it caught fire ore the weekend. firefighters say no one was hurt. tell your teens not to worry. bella and edward are just fine. the movie "transformer" is the biggest hit so far. they must be proud. "transformers kwn dark of the moon" topped the box office for
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a second zrat week bringing in an estimated millions. it dethrones the movie "hang over2". time now for our conversation with tim farley. he's the host of morning briefing onner isso er is yune . can we rewind or is today's actually different? >> it's ground hog day. you're bill murray and we're making our way through this. yeah, the investment obviously is that the president is having a press conference today and maybe we'll take some questions on this. i think the really grand deal is something that david gergen said was going to happen all along. that, is probably a mini deal that will take us up to the election next year. but some of the serious problems are not going to be taken care of, at least in the short term, ali. >> all right. we're going to keep our eye on that. here's another one for you, tim.
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a social conservative group put out this marriage pledge that they asked people to sign, michele bachmann and rick sar tore rem both signed. now there's a part they want to pull out. it says slavery had a disastrous impact on african-american families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a t two-parent household than was an african-american baby born after the election of the usa's first american. >> the bachmann campaign quoted on politico saying she only signed the candidate vow, that's the only part she encoursed, not the pream bell which is the phrase you were just managing. they say slavery is horrible and economic slashry is horrible.
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rick santorum also signed it. one has to question whether it will affect either one of these candidates. it probably won't cost them at all. >> not likely to hurt them among their own supporters, i guess, is the point they're making because their supporters tend to be conservative in their views. maybe tomorrow we'll be able to say something has really developed in the debt ceiling talks. the president holding press talks. he's giving them a deadline. they have nine days to get it toikt that. means we have eight days. nice to see you. good luck on the show this morning. tim farley. developing in the last few hours, officials order a new round of safety tests for japan's nuclear plants. i'll tell you what they're doing about it. before you go, be sure to take time to brighten someone's day today why? because it is, i'm not kidding, cheer up the lonely. go face to face.
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20 minutes after the hour. here are three things you need on your radar. first, debt talks. president obama and congress try to come to a resolution about the debt ceiling. at 11:00 eastern this morning the president will hold a news
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conference on reducing the deficit. also tiger woods will make an announcement on the golf channel. no word on what he'll say. and second quarter results. keep an eye on alcoa, jpmorgan and google among others. japan says there'll be another round of tests of the nuclear plants. they've basically got an extra layer of testing. there was another earthquake off japan's coast yesterday. it caused more jitters than problem. japan has 54 nuclear reactors but only 19 of them are operating right now. defense secretary leon panetta has been in baghdad. he says iran has been sending weapons into iraq and they've been hurting the u.s. military. listen.
2:22 am
. >> they have a responsibility to be able to protect against that type of task. june was the deadliest month for deaths in iraq. on saturday thousand celebrated their independence in a ceremony. north and south have yet to reach agreement on oil, borders or staff of citizens. plan to send over 7,000 peace keepers and uniformed police to the brand-new country. prince william and kayte are heading back. they spend days mixing business, charity and hollywood glitz. after saturday polo match and red gala, they visited l.a.'s skid row.
2:23 am
they stopped at a job fair for veterans. zain verjee joining us from london. zain, there's been a boat that's capsized in russia. tell us what's going on there. >> hi, ali. yeah, i mean imagine going with your family or your friends or some tourists catching a boat flying down the river and all of a sudden it just capsizes and so many people are missing. nobody knows the cause of what exactly happened here, but search and rescue divers are out there. they're saying more than a hundred people are missing and the chances of anyone surviving are slim to none. this is the problem, many say, ali, where a lot of these old soviet-style boats and they have trains and planes as well. this particular boat that wept down is said to have had a lot of mechanical problems. they initially canceled the trip, broken down on a cruise, passengers have complained. but this is really a tragic situation. and it seems that those missing are likely dead.
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>> all right. we'll stay on top of that with you. let's also go to australia now. tell me about a new law that if passed would require muslim women to lift their vaeils when police demand it. >> this is a big fight in australia. basically women who ware a covering are told that if the police ask, they have to list their veil. the fight is on the one hand this is culturally insensitive. they should be allowed their right to religious freedom. on the other hand they're saying this is about security here. the thing that's been happening here is that australia has been relaxing its immigration law, so you've had a huge influx of muslims that's come into australia and it's led to cultural clashes. australia has a population of something like 23 million people, 400,000 are muslim and
2:25 am
this would only affect about 2,000 women in australia who wear the veil. >> a bit of a tempest in a teacup, but we'll see where it goes. zain, stick around for this. you must have watched this. the u.s. beat brag still in the women's cup quarter final. what a stunner of the game. 1 the 3 minutes into the game before we even got a tie breaker. look at this woman, abbie wamba wambach. the headlines says if the u.s. can't love soccer after this, it never will. and "the miami herald".com headline says u.s. women real. it was pretty impressive. i like soccer, you like soccer. they can get long. this was a nail-biter. this was exciting. >> yeah. this was totally great, ali. this was a really great moment for the u.s. women's football team. they were low on hope. they were almost out of time, and this amazing headener the
2:26 am
last one minute. just look at that. it bus a totally thrilling moment, and it led to them having a penalty shoot-out with brazil and they managed to come out on top. and, you know, this was being said to be even a more exciting match than the men's world cup football. everything was packed into this last 15 minutes. but keep your eye on abbie woman bac bach. she is the star of the match. who knows, the u.s. team could get through the finals. >> i was at a yankee game yesterday. they stopped what they were showing on the big screen there to go live to this match. and the crowd just went crazy for it. zarngs good to see you. aisle check in later with you. zain verjee, live in london. it's going to get easier to keep your credit reputation in check thanks to new credit score rules. now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats.
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good morning. it is monday, july 11th. this is your "wake-up call." i'm ali velshi. it is 30 minutes after the hour. president obama is going to give a news conference at 11:00 a.m. they met and talked for a little over an hour. they maxed out its boroughing. the treasury department says if it can't borrow more money by august 2nd, the u.s. could start defaulting on its loan obligations. >> if you apply for credit you get turned down or if your loan numbers get worse, you can apply. the new rules take effect ten days from now on july 21st.
2:31 am
lenders will be forced to disclose a credit score. this is different from your credit report which you're entitled to once a year. part of exxon's plan to clean up oil spell at yellowstone's river is not good enough. the epa says it wants a plan on revisions capturing the oil and removing the pipe without polluting downstream. the government says the water downstream shows know detectible level of toxic petroleum levels. exjohn estimate 42 gallons of crude were released when a pipeline burst on july 1st. washington state couple has filed a complaint with the tsa after their 6-year-old son was patted down during an airport screening. they were headed from seattle to orlando for a trip to disney world. janine says her son was singled out after a video game on his belt apparently set off the metal detector. >> we all talk to our kids about
2:32 am
improper touch, somebody shouldn't touch you enless you should pt want to be touched. we didn't have any time to talk to him about what they were really doing. >> somebody shouldn't touch you unless you want to fly on an airplane. the boy said he doesn't want to go to disney anymore. the tsa takes the complaints seriously. bloomberg says hackers stole usernames and credit card information for up to 42,000 subscribers. well, a hotel maid who said she was attacked by former imf chief dominic strauss-kahn is finding a network of support in new york even though prosecutors say she lied. dozens are rallying for the woman insisting that the accuser deserves her day in court. they say prosecutor should focus on the evidence, not the past of the 32-year-old single mother
2:33 am
who is an immigrant from guinea. >> it's a time for us to guarantee that justice is done. >> when a woman report as case of sexual assault, her character must not be the focus of the debate. the focus must be full access to justice in a court of law. >> dominic strauss-kahn has pleated not guilty. you know, the big drop in gas price over the past couple of months, well, it seems to have stopped. according to the lundberg survey, the average price of unleaded has drop only a penny in the last couple of weeks to $3.62 a gallon. if you're looking for someone to blame, try crude oil prices which are up over a dollar a barrel. they're going to repeal the light bulb appeal. they don't want the government telling them what kind of light
2:34 am
bulbs to buy. supporters say the more efficient incandescent bulbs only costs a dollar more than the old ones. we were surprised to learn that tour de france has something very, very different going on this year. i'll tell you that when we come back. but before we gorks today is world population today. we'll focus today's get smart question on that. the u.n. figures the global population will hit another milestone this year. what do you think that number will be? ? a, 10 billion, b, 7 billion, or c, 15 billion?
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announcer: when life's this hard, it's no wonder 7,000 students drop out every school day. visit and help kids in your community stay in school. 37 minutes after the hour. today is world population day. the u.n. figures the global population will hit another milestone later this year. what do you think the number will be? the answer is b, 7 billion.
2:38 am
that's a growth of 40% in just over 20 years, according to tu nations. the planet's population has doubled since 1968. time now for our political ticker. paul steinhauser on the phone from washington this morning. paul, congressional leaders go back to the white house for debt ceiling talks. they made it about 75 minutes yesterday. i mean what is the problem here, paul? >> both parties are playing their bait. probably what the president wants to do is increase tax on wealthy americans. that's a huge no-no, no way rng they're not going to tax anybody, not even the rich. why are the democrats upset about the problem? because of the entitlement programs. they're saying leave your hands off our ebb titlements, mr.
2:39 am
president. that's why it's so hard to say no to any kind of compromise, ali. >> paul, talk to me about this pledge. there was a marriage pledge that an iowa social conservative group got mick shell bachmann and rick santorum to. there's a preamble there. since slavery had a disaster impact on african-american families, yet sadly a child born into slarchry in 1960 was more likely to be raced by husband mother and father in a two-parent household than was an african-american baby born after the election of the usa's first african-american president. >> they're one of the most conservative groups in iowa. the first caucus state. that's why presidential candidates go there. they're one of the most important groups there. basically it's for people to pledge fidelity to their spouse
2:40 am
and also to oppose any redefinition of marriage including same-sex marriage. but that preamble is what got people in trouble. michele bachmann said she signed it but not the preamble. same for rick santorum. a lot of spotlight on them. you can understand that. >> these pledges introduce a whole new dimension for running for office, all these pledges that you have to sign for taxes and mancht buddy, good talking with you. it's 40 minutes after the hour. here are three things that need to be on your radar today. today marks day two of serious government talks. they even been talking about recent crackdowns by the security forces. today the space shuttle "atlantis" will be moving items. they're holding a mission status briefing live from houston at 9:30 eastern this morning.
2:41 am
@possible and congress are going to talk an debt celling resolution. the president will hold a news conference about the conference. a funeral will be held today for the texas rangers fan who fell to his death while reaching for a tossed ball. the spot where he fell was draped in black and flagged at rangers park were half stafd during the day. shannon stone was 359-year-old firefighter from brownwood, texas. pittsburgh steeler's receiver hines ward is in a bit of a pickle. he was charged with dui. police say he was driving erratically and hit a curb. you may remember his moves on the dance floor. ward won dancing with the stars. police in language are familiar with pack man jones. now add cincinnati cops to the list. they say he was in a bar shouting profanities and resists when they tried to arrest him.
2:42 am
jones has denied doing anything wrong. >> take a look at this. this is yesterday's winning quarterfinal goal in the women's world cup quarterfinal. it came in a shoot-out between the number one team, u.s., and brazil, number three team. brazil is slated to play france. they're ranked seven and that game is wednesday morning. johan jean is the first black cyclist ever to compete in the tour. the 30-year-old cyclist has been a pro racer for six years. he moved to france at the age of 17 from his native guadalupe. the yankees star derek jeter has joined one of baseball's most exclusive cups, the 3,000 club and he did it with style, a home run. you know, i was at yesterday's game. i wasn't at saturday's game, pablo. i was hoping to see that 3,000 on sunday. i was way late for it.
2:43 am
in fact, he was at 3,003 before the game was done. >> yeah. the big thing is baseball loves celebrating the big round numbers but the other thing to this chase is derek jeter got over the hump a little bit. it all looked like it would go very badly. the bottom line is derek jeters, 37 years old, was on the disabled list, his condition in decliechblt. >> he got his 3,000th hit on a home run. you respect him even if you loathe him. that's the picture-perfect way you want to go into the picture book. he has a flair for the dramatic. managed to get it done. >> he's a good guy, shows up to a lot of games, likes the fans, goes out and talk tos to them. the man who caught the ball gave
2:44 am
bathe to the yankees. what was that about? >> he gave it back, did not ask for a penny. keep in mine christian lopez, the 23-year-old fan caught the ball is a far saintlier person than i will ever be. but for me not asking for money or anything, not driving a bargain with the new york yankees was kind of like giving up a bailout to scrooge mcduff. you're a sports team almost swimming around in gold coins somewhere and christian lopez in his day job is a verizon customer service rep. he said he had 6 figures in loans that he still had to pay and yets he gave his hero derek jeter a free pass basically. now, he's going to get some free tickets and memorabilia, but not driving a bargain on this was an epic moral act that i don't know if i could endorse personally. he comes out as maybe the classiest guy of this whole affair. i'm surprised.
2:45 am
>> first time a verizon rep gave anybody anything for free. before we go, on this day in history in 1914 baseball legend baby ruth made his major league debut. he pitched seven innings to lead the boston red sox a 4-3 victory over the indians. 45 minutes after the hour. well, look how much insurance many people can get through selectquote for less than a dollar a day. selectquote found, rich, 37, a $500,000 policy for under $18 a month. even though dave, 43, takes meds to control his blood pressure, selectquote got him a $500,000 policy for under $28 a month. ellen, 47, got a $250,000 policy for under $20 a month. all it takes is a phone call. your personal selectquote agent will answer all your questions ... and impartially shop the
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highly rated term life companies selectquote represents for your best rates. give your family the security it needs at a price you can afford. call this number or go to selectquote dot com. selectquote. we shop. you save.
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. good morning. it is monday, july 11th. this is your monday morning "wake-up call." i'm ali velshi. time to go around the world. zain verjee joins us from london. good morning, zain. you're following a few tragedies this morning. we've got a train crash in india as well. >> yes. i just want to show you this dramatic video, ali. i was looking at this. twisted wreckage. this is the scene in northern india. what happened was the plane basically jumped off the tracks. 46 people were killed. hundreds of people take trains like this in india all the time and there are about a hundred accidents like this a year. ali? >> zain, we'll keep an eye on that. admiral mike mull season in china. what's going on there? >> these are interesting and pretty significant remarks. he gave a speech at the university there, ali, and he said this. china has arrived as a world
2:49 am
power. that's a big deal because everyone in the u.s. said china is rising, china is rising, not quite there yet. he's definitively saying, it is. the focus of a lot of his trip is focused the south china sea. why? because of the territorial fight that goes on between china, philippines, brunei shah, taiwan. they all claim a piece of it because it has potentially huge reserves in oil and gas. why does this affect the u.s.? it makes the chinese mad. admiral mullen said the chinese shouldn't act in any way that will create a situation that isn't good. >> all right. zain verjee, we'll keep checking these stories with you and check in shortly. zain verjee for us in london. let's talk about the issue that won't go away.
2:50 am
in about five hours the president will update you, me, and the rest of the nation about the debt talks. we're going to need more than two cloks. time keeps ticking. the president has given lawmakers nine more days to make a deal. this is what the treasury secretary said about that battle. >> they say really amazing things but there's no credible argument, no responsible leader would say the united states of america for the first time in its history should not pay its bills and meet its obligations. that would be catastrophic for the economy. everybody understands that. there's just a lot of political theater in this business. here's another story we're following today. an explosion at a naval base in cyprus. it's lest at there's 1 the people did and othering injuredful apparently the trouble started when a grass
2:51 am
fire spread. the space shut sl in its final frontier. it's also been messy. nasa believes a chunk of junk could get dloes the space shuttle. the news of the world is done, kaput, thank you and goob. brought down by a phone-hacking scandal. but the story goes on. the deputy prime minister will go on. they hacked her voice mail and deleted them after listening to them giving her family and friends thoughts that she was still alive. rupert murdoch has not apologized to them and they're pretty upset with the paper's, quote, self-congratulatory" issue. here oh's what the president said on the last day. >> it's really been a great day,
2:52 am
a wonderful newspaper. >> now there are accusations that the newspaper also bribed police officers and hacked the phone messages of terrorist victims. >> the u.s. is withholding $800 million to pack stab. its's a smack down for them expelling u.s. military trainers. they hope holding all the money back will create pressure on them. here's fake for you. $47 million. nearly two oust every $10 americans took in last year came from the government in if form of job else benefits, food stamps and social security. when extended benefits go away by the end of this year, some $37 billion won't go into people's accounts and won't go into the economy. time now for reynolds wolf in a atlanta. any flight days? >> not yet but they're sure to come. there are song strom storms coming.
2:53 am
possibly major delays for chicag chicago. it could be a busy day for you. also tampa and miami, afternoon thunderstorms could given you a delay of an hour or so. same for you in denver. but morning fog and wind could cause backups. also look for thunderstorms in parts of the four corners and into the southeast. keep that in mind on major roadways. ali, you're up to speed. let's pichb it back to you in new york. before we go, today's word of the day, skulduggery. it's 53 minutes after the hour.
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it is 56 minutes after the hour. before the break i told you that today's word of the day is skullduggery. webster's defines it as underhanded or unscrupulous behavior or a devious device or trick. now, its origin is apparently from the 18th century scotts term skull duttery which was indecent behavior like adultry or f or. here are three things that you need to have on your radar today. first, the debt talks, president obama and congress are trying to come to a resolution about the debt sealing. at 11:00 a.m. eastern this morning the president will hold
2:58 am
a news conference on reducing the deficit. also at 11:00 tiger woods will make an announcement on the golf channel number word on what he'll say. and today the space shuttle "atlantis" will begin moving iteming from the shuttle to the space station. let's go across the world to see how your word's money is doing this thursday morning. ci city kristie lu stout. fears about the euro-zone debt crisis haven't been helping either. here in asia, it's been a downbeat day on the stock markets. a pretty hefty selloff across much of the region. that on the back of the dismal u.s. jobs rohr and yet another inflation rise in china. despite "i" continued efforts to cool the rises there. chinese inflation soared. back to you, ali.
2:59 am
>> they may have to increase interest rates in china and certainly the rest of the world doesn't want consumers' buying power to be weakened. this is the beginning of the second quarter earnings, a report card if you will. what are we expecting? >> it looks set for a lower open. when the trading week gets under wachl you said it this way. le is the unofficial beginning. before the bell on o thursday jpmorgan chase reports. now it is forecast to have earned $1.21 can clers a share, analysts expect google to make $1.86 a share. back to you. >> thanks very much. kristie lu stout in hong kong. baby ja my call delivered weighing 16